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What is on the Horizon for Spring?

January 6, 2010 5 comments

Well the time for registration has come and gone and I am officially registered for Spring classes. I also finished some other important housekeeping items that were hanging over my head at the meeting with my advisor. I have been pursuing the same degree in education off and on for several years now, but, according to the official school record, I had not declared my major. Now I am a bona fide English major also pursuing my teaching certificate.

Also, through a strange exercise of fate, it seems as if I am going to receive a second bachelor’s degree in History as well. I had been pursuing a history degree until last semester when I switched my major to English because I love writing and hope to pursue a career in this field. Unfortunately during my pursuit of this degree when I was young and dumb, I took four History classes that I just stopped attending mid-semester following my marriage. This means I have four failing grades to redeem in order to bring my GPA back up to where I am happy with it. As a result, I will be one class away from obtaining my History degree in addition to the degree in English. I would be a fool not to take this opportunity.

So why am I telling you this? Simple, I just want you to be prepared for what is in store for the coming semester and what subjects I will be writing about. Without further ado, here are the classes that I will be taking.

Lit Matters– I am not sure what this class holds in store for me as a writer. There is no course synopsis available, but I do know the professor quite well, and she always comes up with interesting writing assignments so I am expecting good things from this one.

Women Writers This is another class that is being taught by Professor P (My lit instructor), so I should have some great subject matter to write about. She displays a few feminist tendencies, but I love her teaching style and the way that she loves literature, so I am definitely looking forward to this one.

British Literature II: The 19th Century-Present I am actually really excited about this class. British literature is the root of American literature. Although this class is focused the period following the Revolutionary War, I believe that I will get to experience many of the authors that influenced early American literature. I will also get to read some great classic lit which is exciting for a nerd like me. 

Theory and Practice This is another required class for my English degree. This one should focus on the “how-to’s” of writing and the theories behind why we write the way we do. This class has the potential to be extremely burdensome, but we will have to wait and see how it all pans out. This is an on-line class, so whether it sinks or floats all depends on how well the professor communicates with the students. I have had good and bad on-line experiences, so this one is up in the air.

Women in European History This is a repeat of one of the classes that I bombed several years ago the semester after getting married and preparing for fatherhood. I am excited to get back into a history class as I do have a love for the history of our planet. Specifically American history, but I have a soft spot for learning about the events that shaped the landscape of today’s geopolitical terrain. This is an on-line class as well, so I hope to have several papers to share with you from this course.

I am looking to take a sixth class (technology in the classroom), but the powers that be at my school have instituted a new overload policy where any schedule over 17 hours must be approved by the administration. My advisor told me that they had been very rare in granting their approval. Hopefully Drury will allow me to take this class because I have a lot of work to do and a limited time to get it done.

I am extremely excited about this semester (I am a dork, I know. What can I say?). I can’t wait to share the interesting things that I learn with you and I hope that you are looking forward to reading them as well.


Semester in Review

January 5, 2010 2 comments

Ready. Set…


I am breathing a little easier now that I have one semester under my belt. I was initially concerned when I started this semester because the ole’ brain was quite rusty. I never expected that taking a couple years away from higher education following the completion of LPN school would have been so dulling but, unfortunately, it was more dulling than I ever could have imagined. This is from where my vow to be a lifetime learner sprouted because I never want to have to work that hard to get my analytical skills back up to par again. So here is the wrap up of my first semester!

My classes were great. I actually found out that I love classic literature. It isn’t often that one is able to find a subject that combines two of his or her passions. I had not been exposed to anything that indulged me this way until I took my first lit class this semester. Let me tell you why lit is great:

1. It combines History and English.

2. I love History and English.

3. Combining History and English is perhaps the most amazing and engaging intellectual pursuit that I have ever encountered.

The most awesome thing about classic lit is that it brings history to life. Don’t get me wrong, I love stale “this happened to this person on this date” fact based history because I am a geek, but lit makes history jump off the page. It is focused around how people experienced the events that we are taught in our history books. The human experience is much more interesting than a sequential list of historical events and lit pulls the curtain back and allows us to see how X event affected Y people from Y people’s point of view.

I. Love. It.

I had some other great classes as well that really made me think. I had two classes that I could have done without, but that is the liberal arts education for you. I am thankful that I will never have to darken the doors of another statistics or science class; although, I did truly enjoy astronomy. Starting with this semester, every class that I take will be focused specifically on my degrees and that makes me smile.

For now, I am going to enjoy the break afforded to me by the school and spend some much need time relaxing with my family, giving them their due before I have to kick life back into high gear when the spring semester starts. Check back tomorrow for a synopsis of what subject matter you will read over the course of the next few months!