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Dr. Pepper, music, and stalking…

There are a few things in my life that really make me smile. I am not talking about things like a cold Dr. Pepper at two in the afternoon in all of its 23-flavored glory or walking into work late to find my boss elsewhere, unaware of my tardy transgression. These things certainly make me happy (especially the Dr. Pepper, because, seriously, I. Love. Dr. Pepper), but this is not the kind of happiness that I am talking about.

I am talking about those instances, people, or activities in life that truly satisfy you. The stuff that goes beyond the fleeting feeling of temporary (but total) satisfaction that I get as the cold DP enters my face hole and makes me say “Ahhhh” as it makes its way down my esophagus.  It’s true. I say “Ahhhh” just like the freaking commercial. THAT IS JUST THE AWESOME THAT IS DR. PEPPER.

Don’t judge me.

Anyway, I am fortunate to have many people in my life who make my life wonderful. I have Bones, my crazy but all together awesome children, good friends, and an awesome church. Today, however, I want to focus on the one thing in my life that has been my constant companion through every struggle and triumph that I have experienced in life. It is non-judgmental and has the power to change my mood almost instantly. That’s right, Internet. Music.

Music is one of the few things that everyone loves. It is universal, transcending culture, gender, race or any other issue that might divide us from one another. You might not like the metal, screamo, or alternative rock that makes me squee with joy, but I know beyond any shadow of a doubt you do, in fact, love music. Perhaps it is Bach or Beethoven that gets you going. Maybe it is Lady Gaga or Glambert. Perhaps for some unknown reason you like hearing about people who hate themselves and sing about their dead dog, so you listen to country music (Even though I have no idea why anyone would ever listen to country music. For the love of everything holy, what is up with that?).

The point is that everyone loves music and why wouldn’t we? It makes us feel good. It stirs up significant memories, both good and bad. It is simply the most amazing and universal art form that exists. I would venture to say that I enjoy music more than most. In fact, I can say beyond any shadow of a doubt that music is one of the principle driving forces and most important aspects of my life. It is my constant companion throughout my day. I listen in the car, at work, at home, doing schoolwork, when I work out (however sparse these proposed work-out times might be), and basically any other time that I am doing anything that doesn’t require intense concentration on human interaction.

My favorite aspect of music goes beyond listening. The ability to write and make music with my friends brings me more joy than anything else in my life (Not including the fam because that goes without saying…But I said it anway). It is amazing to be able to have a medium to express myself that brings me and those around me so much joy.

Well, this post is really just a shout out to music. So here goes…

HEY MUSIC! I just wanted to say that I love you. And I would have your babies if I could…

Too fast? Yeah? Oh, sorry, music…I am usually much more reserved. You know, nothing too weird or anything.

What? No no no. Of course that isn’t a picture pulled from your facebook in my wallet…

Wait don’t go! Seriously, I am not stalking you…

HEY! You are walking the wrong way! You parked on the third level of parking garage C in space 176 beside the concrete support that says Eric and Leveta forever…

Don’t give me that horrified look! Everyone with high-powered binoculars and a GPS tracker knows these things…



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