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We exist for…?

Have you ever considered why we you were placed on Earth or what exactly your purpose is for being here?

If you haven’t ever taken part in a similar personal exercise, I would encourage you to check your pulse and make sure that you are still breathing.

Sometimes, it is funny how moments of deep reflection come about for me. God seems to reveal himself to me in the strangest ways, but I am most certainly not complaining. I don’t know why God chooses to speak to me like he does, but I am grateful that he chooses to speak to me in any manner whatsoever.

Here is a bit of background on today’s revelation.

It all started Christmas morning at my in-law’s house. We are hanging out watching the kids open their presents (definitely my favorite part of Christmas). In short order, however, the kids had finished their assault on Fort Present at Mount Spoiled, so it was our turn to open our gifts. We opened our gifts which were great. Some new clothes, an indoor badminton set, a microwave smore maker, etc…

My in-laws always save their favorite present for last. It is most definitely always a good one. Last year it was a new grill (awesome!), but this year was a bit different. We were given our final present which came In small nondescript envelope. Immediately my mind goes to cash or something else along those lines. So my brother-in-law and I tear into our envelopes at the same time expecting some dead presidents, but to our pleasant surprise, inside we found tickets to today’s Mizzou game.

Fast forward to today. I woke up at about 8:00 this morning next to my beautiful wife in the hotel suite at the Resident’s Inn that my father-in-law sprung for at the last minute, so we could all spend some quality time together last night and prior to the game this morning. My eyes opened, and, instead of the sleepiness that normally pervades the morning state of my brain, I couldn’t stop thinking about the dream that I had.

It is rare for me to remember my dreams, so when I do, I always pay attention. Usually when I do remember, It is because the dream was focused around something significant in my life. This morning’s remembrance was no different.

The details of the dream are unimportant. The significance, instead, revolves around the people who starred in the dream. The bulk of the people were old friends that I have lost contact with over the years. Usually when I lose contact with someone who had previously been important to me, I am quick to make excuses regarding my lack of effort in maintaining my connection and moving on to “bigger and better” things. Kind of like the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality that dominates the thought processing ability of narcissistic children.

I understand that people lose touch with one another and that it is ok, but, again, this is not the point.

I can hear what you are thinking…

So what IS the point, Jeremy? You dragged us over here from [insert referring website here] to talk about the point of existence. Well, what’s the point?!?!

And the answer that God gave me this morning in quiet reflection was about you. Yes. You heard me right. It was about you.

“About me?” you say.

And I reply, “Yep. I have been missing it all these years. I am supposed to be all about you.”

To understand the root of this revelation we have to go back to the first moments of human creation and look at God’s motives for our creation. So why were we created? The answer is simple. We were created for relationships. Originally, humanity was created for a relationship with God, but as Eve came along and procreation occurred, the scope of that purpose expanded.

Let me pause and say that the total purpose of our creation was and continues to be the glorification of God, but the scope of our relational responsibilities to one another falls within this overarching purpose. I wanted to clarify that before continuing.

So now the Earth is full of people. The question becomes, “Has our original purpose changed?”

The short answer is that our purpose has not changed, but you all know I am not an advocate of short answers so buckle up. 😀

The answer that God gave me this morning was one that struck me directly in the face. We were created for relationships. Duh. I know this. I have known this for a long time, but the question that our wise Creator posed to me this morning was, “If you know this so well, why don’t you do it?” I had to look really deeply inside myself to attempt to work out this flaw within my personality.

To hang out with me, you would not think that I am shy, and, in relationships that I have fostered and invested time into, I am definitely not. In fact, my beloved friends and family have nicknamed me “center of attention boy”. The problem that I experience is rooted in fostering new relationships. I do not have the gift of gab, so I can’t engage in small talk very easily. Usually I establish my relationships in a group setting and then move into individual friendships as I find some common ground on which to relate. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing on the surface, it can leave some of those people who I interact with out in the cold as far as a potential relationship is concerned.

I am not under the false impression that I will be able to befriend every person with whom I come in contact. But the rub occurs when I try to empathize with new people whom I meet. I think of the new faces that walk into my congregation looking for a connection and leave without ever linking up with someone. The faces that have come and gone that I have just put out of my mind and dismissed haunt me, but I have simply swept these feelings under the rug to this point disregarding the guilt that I feel as a result.

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. Unfortunately I cannot go back and change the events that have already occurred, but I can resolve to be different in the future.

So what is the reason for which we exist?

Simple. To establish relationships that glorify God. First and foremost with our loving creator, but the relationships that we have with people are critically important as well. I have been less than stellar at making new connections because it is tough for me, but that is no excuse to ignore the point of my creation.

Let me extend an apology to those people with whom I have lost contact and those with whom I failed to connect. Also, I want to thank all of those wonderful people who put up with me and remain my close friends. For you, I am truly grateful.

Here is the challenge that God presented to me, so I reciprocate it to you:

Go out today and reconnect with someone or establish a new relationship. The simple truth is that people are worth investing your life into. Where would we be today if Jesus hadn’t thought that we were worth his sacrifice on the cross?


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