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Alabama National Champs! Roll Tide!

Now this blog is definitely not about sports, but I am extremely partial to college football. Being a southern boy, I am also a strong supporter of the SEC (except for the Gators…BOO!), and being from Alabama, I always support Alabama football.

I am a bit of a diamond in the rough as I support all teams from Alabama, but I do most definitely have a pecking order in which I support the teams. First and foremost, in any situation I root for the SEC. If there is an SEC team playing against any other conference, I root for the boys from the South. Those of us from Alabama understand rivalry better than any of y’all Yankees ever will. In the “Heart of Dixie”, there exists a rivalry the trumps any other sporting rivalry in modern history. This rivalry divides a state in two, even dividing housholds. Yes, I am talking about the rivalry where you have to decide if your blood runs crimson or blue and orange.

Alabama vs. Auburn.

Like I said, I am a bit strange when it comes to this rivalry because I like and even support both teams. I am partial to the Tigers, but my blood runs crimson as long as the Tide aren’t playing the War Eagles. Last night, the boys from Bama bested Texas in the BCS national championship. I had the privilege to watch the game with my family and we had a blast. We were all dressed in our Alabama swag, rooting for the boys in crimson.

The game started off extremely badly for the Tide with the first series ending in a three and out with a failed fake punt leading to a Texas field goal and a huge mental error on the ensuing kick-off leading to a second field goal by the Longhorns. I was afraid that this was going to set the tempo for the game, but the Crimson Tide came back and scored 24 unanswered points. The third quarter drove me insane with Alabama’s conservative play calling and watching Texas battle back. Two amazing defensive plays followed by smash mouth offense in the fourth sealed the deal for Bama, leading to their 13th national title.

The one bright spot for Texas was their freshman quarterback who really stepped up to the challenge of leading the team after Colt McCoy was injured early in the game. I think that he has a bright future with the Horns. Mark Ingram really showed why he was the Heisman trophy winner last night when he rushed for over 100 yards and put two into the end-zone for six along with stand-out freshman Trent Richardson who also scored two touchdowns and ran for over 100 yards last night. Alabama had two tailbacks run for over 100 yards on a Texas defense that allowed an average of 67 yards per game all season. That is what I call a stand out performance from the Alabama backfield. I can’t wait to see what this combo does for the Tide next year.

I was so proud to be from Bama! The boys played a great game (minus the first quarter) and really stepped up to the pressure and delivered. I am excited about next year as the Tide has many of their key players returning for next season as well. I tip my hat to Nick Saban and his insane recruiting abilities. I hope that we see the Tide dominate for many years to come. There is only one appropriate way to finish this post:


  1. Brandy Pfeifer
    January 8, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    Ick.. I think I may need to vomit now.

  2. January 8, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    Now that is just rude…

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