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Free weekend?

Ahhh....Free weekend. Wow, I just like the sound of that. It rolls off the tongue so smoothly. Sounds so good that I just want to curl up in a blanket with “free weekend” and spend some time spooning.

Stop looking at me like that.

I don’t know what your weekends normally look like, but usually mine are jam-packed with so much stuff that they don’t feel like a break at all. I can’t remember when my weekends became more about fitting something into every minute instead of a nice couple of days to rest and relax, but that has become the sad truth of my life in regards to the most enjoyable days of the week.

Friday night is usually filled with friends and family. This happens to be one of my favorite nights because I happen to be blessed with  the best friends that have ever walked this planet, but it is still busy. Then Saturday I get to spend pretty much the entire day doing homework, much of which you are privy to via this blog. I am privileged to be able to lead worship for a different group of soldiers each Saturday night at an awesome ministry called Fellowship Ranch. I enjoy this very much, but it still is clutter in my life.

Sunday mornings start off with me up at sixish getting ready for church. Since I am the worship leader for our church body, I feel responsible to be at the church prior to anyone else’s arrival. Most of the time this happens, but not always. Sometimes my pastor beats me to the punch, but not often. We typically get out of church sometime between 12 pm and 12:30 pm and finish meet and greet stuff around 1:00 pm. Then off to lunch, which concludes no later than 2:30 pm and then we head home. We don’t have church on Sunday nights, so it is a free night unless I have the homework monster looming and casting his terrible shadow over my consciousness, but, again, it is typically filled with friends and family.

Normally, the fam has a million things planned around the normal goings on (i.e. homework, the ranch, general hubbub) that occur. We have to be here or there to do this or that. It honestly gets extremely tiring, but it all comes down to managing the balancing act that is my current state of existence. Between the hospital, church, school, and family life it feels like I don’t really get a break, but it’s ok because God has been and will continue to be faithful to somehow make time for me to stop and breath.

Before you start to drown in all this QQ, let me clarify the heart of this post. I am in no way complaining about all the wonderful elements that make up my life, but it sometimes becomes overwhelming with all the junk of which I have to do am privileged to be a part. The point of this post is to simply highlight the fact that I HAVE A FREE WEEKEND. As soon as work lets out, I am free. No homework, no ranch, no responsibility (other than the normal fatherly/husbandly duties). Just a weekend to do as I please. I am actually more overwhelmed by the prospect of having nothing planned as compared to the usual “omgthereisnotime” that I usually experience. I am sure that this weekend will be filled with nothing but relaxing and friends which is the way that I would choose every day to be if it were up to me.

So I am going to be getting the blankets out and cuddling up with my free weekend. Whispering sweet nothings into its seldom near ears and generally just sitting on my butt and enjoying my family.

I. Am. Stoked.

All for His glory.

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